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Meet Rose Hall

Through her website, it is Rose’s wish that, in this over-stressed world, she may bring you some light relief and good humour to destress, and a little sadness to remind us to embrace our humanity. If she can do this, she has done her job well. Read more »


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Ministry Through Cakes

This story is based upon a real situation where the storyteller, Rose, actually does make fruit cakes for the stall of an Anglican Mission.

It only took one step beyond reality to put that cake into a fictional situation where it becomes a contentious issue with the cake shop owned by the owner of the shopping centre. It is a problem, along with a donation given to the local charity. A donation which the church cannot afford. Add a priest who is out of his depth with a sermon but right at the top of his game when handling recalcitrant young people, a slightly hysterical and frustrated Bishop and you have a story where things can go either way.


The Edge Of Existence

Today Joe was going to do something that was just plain fun. Today he was going to do something he had been planning to do for many days. He had dreamt about it, thought deeply about it and planned it right down to the last detail. He had practiced on mountains and walls of other buildings but this time he was going to attempt, no he was not going to attempt, he was going to do the real thing.

Cranstoun Towers was the tallest building in town. It stood some two hundred and ninety-three metres. From the roof you could see for miles. Joey had been on the roof. He knew what he was getting himself into but he had all the confidence in the world. He knew what he was doing. At last his gang friends would not scoff. This time, he was going to be King. They were all going to celebrate his victory. This time, he was doing it in style.



"At some indeterminate point in the universe, there exists a small planet called Floria. It is a specially created planet suitable only for those people who feel that they cannot cope with the lifestyle of Earthlings and would prefer to live somewhere else more to their liking. It is a land where there is a natural equality of persons yet some people do work for others. We cannot all be leaders and bosses. Some of us are better when we have a superior figure to order our lives If you are not able to cope with this concept, then obviously Floria is not for you. That is not all.

And so begins a riveting journey into the otherworldly realm of Floria. Fasten your seatbelts!