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Meet Rose Hall

Through her website, it is Rose’s wish that, in this over-stressed world, she may bring you some light relief and good humour to destress, and a little sadness to remind us to embrace our humanity. If she can do this, she has done her job well. Read more »


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Dedication & Thanks... 

Beloved Visitors,

This Web site came into being because of a fruit cake. I had been making the cake for my local church, St. Faith’s Anglican Church, Strathpine , Queensland, Australia, which was pastored by Father Tom and Wendy Hall, who , since their retirement have set up Achor Ministry which is an Evangelical Mission sharing Christ with those who need the ministry. The fruit cake also became very popular which clients of their stall.

Diane Eldridge, a friend from both St Faith’s and Achor Ministry suggested that I write a story called Ministry Through Cakes. She liked my writing. I took her up on the suggestion and this is where it all began.

Arman Bahrani a friend and neighbour, has an excellent talent for web sites. He is responsible for the beautiful artistry of this one (I love it) and also for its management. He is also Manager/Secretary of the site and the entire sales situation with which I am well pleased.

Wendy and Father Tom. (Wendy in particular) assisted in the proof reading of Ministry Through Cakes for which I am very grateful.

Linda, My friend has been an excellent ‘sounding board’ for ideas and has even read a few of my stories and given her opinion on them. I am very grateful for her work. She knows not just how useful her opinions have been.

Edward Hall (Ed). Much loved husband who has a memory extraordinaire for facts and has done a tremendous lot of research for me on my story material. He has also patiently listened to my ‘readings’ of portions of stories and discussions on what is and is not possible and whether I can make it possible and if so how to. He is a very important part of this process just by being here.

To all my readers, I would like to thank you for being here. If it were not for you, I would not be selling.

To God. He gave me the talent to write, the inclination to do it and the ability to be my characters for the duration of their lives as I write them. It is something that is normally lost as we grow up and I am privileged to have maintained it.