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Meet Rose Hall

Through her website, it is Rose’s wish that, in this over-stressed world, she may bring you some light relief and good humour to destress, and a little sadness to remind us to embrace our humanity. If she can do this, she has done her job well. Read more »


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Beloved Visitors,

Welcome to my world. I am Rhoda (Rose) Hall, and on this website, you will discover that my stories are not merely the result of taking up writing as a hobby (though it certainly started out that way). It is a labor of love, and my small and hopefully entertaining attempt at making sense of the world around us.

I've long been a proponent of the idea that an individual can never truly grow until they make the decision to embrace the full range of human emotions, even those that sweep below he surface of our conscious awareness. Artists have long attempted to "capture" these emotions and give them stories, shapes, forms, colors, and sound. In my view - my very probable bias as a writer notwithstanding - few forms of art accomplish this as well as the written word.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves yet. Let me give you a brief run-down of this website (designed by my super-talented neighbor and friend, Armaan). This page you're on is just an introduction into my world. Beyond it, you have the "Meet Rose" page, where you got to learn a little more about me and my background and what provides me with the impetus to write. The "Testimonial" page is a growing page of past readers and what they thought of my stories. Hopefully, my writing will be of services to you in the way it continues to be for them!

Then we get to the more administrative side of things: The "Media" section is for those who wish to have me interviewed about my writing, and I am readily available for both consulting and media interviews on TV, radio and even YouTube shows! All you need to do is fill out a small form and inform me of your show or schedule in advance, and we will work something out! This page is different from the "Contact" page, which I reserve for more personal queries, or those that deal specifically with technical or billing issues. Of course, sending me testimonials through this page too is MOST welcome! :-)

But the real fun begins with the "News" page, which is essentially a blog that I use to inform you, my beloved reader, of upcoming new titles, what I've been up to lately, and of course, the transitions this website is going to no-doubt go through over the near future. Then there is the "Learn How" page. This page promotes an upcoming course where I teach you how to do what I love doing: Write stories! Just imagine: letting your characters do all the things you've been wanting to do, but couldn't! With story-telling, the world literally IS your oyster, and in my course, I will teach you now only how to write stories, but how to turn them into legacies you'll be remembered by, and even potential streams of income!

Last but not least, there is the "Stories" section, where you can browse through all my current titles, and make a purchase of the ones that catch your eye. This is also perferct for my students who are learning to write stories, and would like to use my own stories as inspiration for their own work! But you are by no means limited to that. Even if you are not that ambitious, you'll be delighted with how refreshed you'll feel and how endearing the characters will become to you once you pick up a copy of the story that catches your eye and dive right in, a steaming cup of tea and freshly-baked cookie by your side!

So, take off your shoes, please make your self feel at home, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy your browse around my website. I derive such pleasure from putting all this together for you, and I look forward to connecting - either through my stories' characters or through personal interactions - with you soon.

With Love,
Rhoda "Rose" Hall.